Frequently Asked Questions

What is All Vote No Play?

All Vote No Play is a nonpartisan national movement to help players become great teammates and citizens, and to show them how they can exercise their own power to create the future they want. All Vote No Play makes citizening for coaches, players, and teams easy, meaningful, and impactful. The All Vote No Play playbook has a wide range of nonpartisan “civic drills” to help your team learn, engage, gather, and vote.

What do you mean by “nonpartisan”?

Everything listed in this guide is designed to be nonpartisan. That means there are no political points of view or opinions on current events embedded in the program, other than the belief that all young people are capable of shaping the communities they want to be a part of.

What is a “civic drill”?

Just as athletic drills help athletes build skills and mastery in their sport, the “civic drills” are intended to help students grow their individual and collective confidence in their ability to practice positive civic habits.This concept is rooted in research by Tufts Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) demonstrating that civic behavior and engagement are skills, behaviors, and dispositions that can be “grown” over time, much like other literacies and developmental areas. See here for more on the research and mindset of “growing voters.”

How were these drills selected?

The drills listed in this guide were created by a team of student athletes and coaches who could see themselves participating and leading these drills with their team. The drills are meant to be fun, engaging, and relevant to your team. That said, you can always use this playbook as a jumping-off point to inspire your own ideas for drills that you know will be a hit with your students!

Do my athletes really want this?

A compelling recent NCAA study found that over 75% of students actively wanted more civic engagement. Investing in civic engagement that helps your students feel more connected to each other and their community strengthens their commitment to their team and their teammates.

And, research suggests that students engaged in civic action, which might include service learning, community action, or volunteering do better in school, have more fulfilling careers, contribute more positively to their communities, and live more fulfilling lives. Some of that research can be found here: College, Career, and Civic Readiness through Civic Engagement.

How do I ensure that my international students get something out of this?

Teaching civic mindsets, behaviors, and habits is important for all athletes, regardless of nationality. Because these drills are largely about who we are as people, what we believe, what’s important to us, and how we interact positively and empathetically with others and the world around us, they’re relevant to every student.

What does civic engagement look like?

Civic engagement can look different for everyone. It can look like anything from registering to vote and encouraging your team to do the same, to learning about the importance of being an active citizen; from attending a civic event or rally, to leading a discussion with your team about a topic you care about. Civic engagement does include voting, but it also consists of community service, leadership, and making positive contributions to your campus, neighborhood, or your home community. Civic engagement can happen in micro-moments and in large movements. Everyone, regardless of documentation status, citizenship, or nationality, is capable of civic engagement.

Our team is very busy - how much time is this going to take up?

It is completely up to you how much time you want to spend with your team on these drills. On average, a coach spends 120 hours per month with each player. We are asking for coaches to spend just 15 minutes per month (or more!) with your team, either leading a drill or speaking about the importance of civic engagement through the lens of an athlete.

Who leads All Vote No Play?

All Vote No Play is led by a small, but dedicated team of student athletes, coaches, professors, and support staff.

I want more civic resources. Where can I go?

I am a coach and I have more questions and/or need advice. Who can I contact?

Use our hotline! For questions, comments, or coach-to-coach brainstorming, call 971-285-7545

I am not a coach but I have questions! Who can I contact?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you ASAP!

I am a student looking for ways to get more involved and help out, are there any opportunities for me?

Yes! There are many opportunities for students, such as being the voter captain on your team, helping us plan events, posting on social media, engaging in outreach to other schools, and more! Email us at and introduce yourself, and we will answer you ASAP.

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