Our Story

In June 2020, following the murder of George Floyd and the public outcry for social justice reform, long-time basketball coach Eric Reveno ("Rev") embarked on a personal mission to help his players register to vote. But his efforts didn't end with his own team. Coach Rev became the driving force behind All Vote No Play, an initiative that urged athletics to take election day off from practice or games so players could vote and volunteer. With support from the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, over 1,100 coaches ultimately signed the All Vote No Play pledge. The call to action was so meaningful to players that the student-run NCAA Student Athletic Committee leadership team unanimously passed legislation to make All Vote No Play an annual tradition.

Designer, educator, and civic futurist Lisa Kay Solomon met Coach Rev that year while she was working on her personal mission to change the way we engage young people in the voting process. They instantly bonded in their shared belief that young people need and deserve to be not just informed, but empowered to participate more fully in shaping the future they're going to inherit.

*NCAA Activism and Racial Justice Survey 2020

There are over 500,000 college athletes that go nearly overlooked by most traditional civics programs and efforts, and yet, these athletes are often some of the most influential and powerful leaders on their campuses. We’re trying to help all athletes see, flex and grow their “civic muscles” like they do their athletic muscles.

Our Mission: Build teammates and grow citizens through the power of athletics

Two years later, in 2022, All Vote No Play is more than just a day, and it's more than just voting. All Vote No Play makes citizening for coaches, players, and teams easy, meaningful, and impactful. Our playbook has a wide range of free, nonpartisan "civic drills" to help your team learn, engage, gather, and vote.