When we gather together, we help build relationships and deepen community. Use these drills to deepen, expand, and extend your team’s community.

If you have 5 to 30 minutes...

Our Hometowns

Dedicate time in your team meetings for players to share something about their own community or culture. Consider asking people to share a picture or bring a personal artifact: Where is your hometown or community? What is something you appreciate about it? What do you want others to know?

Civic Tag

During a team meeting or within the team's group chat, ask players to share a civic action they took to help someone out in a productive and communal way. Then ask them to “tag” someone else on the team to do something similar. This doesn’t have to be a big action: offering to walk someone home, joining someone who is alone for lunch, or checking on a neighbor counts!

Campus Connections

Encourage players to spend some time exploring clubs or teams on campus, and consider attending a meeting or reaching out to someone in that club to get to know what that club is all about. Have them report back on what they discovered.

If you have 30 minutes to 2 hours...

Lunch and Learn

As a team, go to a family-owned restaurant in your area that has been around for a long time. Ask the owner or manager to share how they have seen the community change and how their business has adjusted over the years.

Faculty Team Teach In

Invite a faculty member to a team lunch on November 8th and ask them to present no more than 10-15 minutes on a topic related to voting or civic engagement (e.g., voting rights, gerrymandering, Jim Crow laws, or the electoral college).

Share a Smile

As a team, connect with your local children’s hospital, community center, or nursing/assisted living home. If visiting isn’t an option because of COVID, see if you could arrange a Zoom call to chat with hospitalized youth or play bingo with the residents. Put a smile on their face!

If you have 2 or more hours...


Have a team meal. Before eating, go around the room and ask every person to say why they think it is important that we exercise our right to vote. Encourage people to share personal stories and memories of voting or civic engagement. Consider using Vote with Love’s “Reflect on your Personal Story” as a prompt.

Discover to Grow

Challenge your players to discover other interests outside of their sport. Athletes hear all the time that one day “the ball will stop bouncing,” but often don’t think about what this looks like. Work with your players to determine what former player, current booster, or local person they would like to learn about. You can start the conversation early by asking them to write down to write down 2-3 possible interests and 1-3 steps they could take to empower themselves to pursue it. Then have that person (or a bunch of them!) come speak to the team at a meal and engage in conversation.

Civic BBQ

Host a team BBQ and invite public officials, thanking them for their service. Have a player introduce them and invite the guest to say a few words about what they do. You could invite a specific group like first responders, the school board, city planners, or a mix of people. Consider inviting other teams to join you!

This guide is a start, not an end. We want to hear from you!

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