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It's Game Time for Civic Engagement

By: Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, Ph.D., Executive Director, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Civic Nation

Stephanie King, Director, Strategic Initiatives, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Civic Nation

December, 2021

Athletics directors are working tirelessly to meet student-athletes where they are in terms of helping them meaningfully contribute to their communities and giving them the ability to cast an informed ballot in all elections.

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Stanford Civic Pride

By: David Kiefer, Stanford Athletics

November 2, 2021

Learn how Stanford student athletes are flexing their civic leadership and civic pride.

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Lisa Kay Solomon

October 11, 2021

Ted Lasso's rapid ascent and positive infusion into our cultural zeitgeist solidified something I already knew: That coaches are an often unsung force for good, and we ought to be doing more to recognize their unique power and influence in positively shaping lives...

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Students around the country are getting ready for #AllVoteNoPlay Day!

Get inspired by the voices of college athletes across the country who are preparing to make November 2nd a day ON for civic engagement.

Citizen University

October 26, 2021

Three strategies that student athletes can use to ensure Election Day is a day for civics and citizenship with #AllVoteNoPlay.

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On Monday, Stanford University Athletics officials announced participation plans for the upcoming Nov. 2 day of civic engagement. Cardinal athletic programs are aiming for full participation in the #AllVoteNoPlay Day...

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Pac12 Voting PSA

Students from across the Pac12 network are voicing their values through this powerful message on why voting and civic engagement matters.

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