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By: Monte Poole, NBC Sports

September 14, 2022

Nearly 2,000 people – including about 900 student-athletes from 25 colleges across 17 states – dug into 250 pizzas while getting words of advice and support from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, legendary Stanford women’s basketball coach Tara VanDerveer and, of course, Curry.

“That little bit of action matters. There’s always a trickle-down effect, across the board. Whether you realize it in the moment or not, it all matters.”

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“It's possible, no matter who you are, how old you are, or how much experience you have to still be a part of something big and create change.” Ryan Belk, Yale Football Tight End, Parkland Survivor, Engaged Athlete.

For the last couple of years, All Vote No Play has been on a mission to ignite a new generation of change makers, like Ryan, and thousands of others around the country, to embrace their power and passion to create positive change.

“I know personally it can be a little intimidating. I used to think: I haven't done anything in the past. I'm not really used to this. I don't know how to get involved. This kind of looks cool, but am I passionate enough?”

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On September 13, iCivics will host a special event with All Vote No Play featuring athletic leaders who will discuss the motivation and choices behind their work and collective impact.

To make civics experiential, relevant, and meaningful to all learners and students, we invite your classrooms to participate and learn about creating and nourishing civic values, civic cultures, and civic communities. Consider assigning this event as homework to your civics, government, or social studies classes and inviting further reflection, inquiry, and conversation

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Amid the daily onslaught of notifications and news updates that make us feel anxious, depleted and even hopeless about our democracy, how can we imagine voting (and broader civic engagement) as something that people feel good about and want to participate in?

Lisa Kay Solomon is a Stanford professor, designer, and futurist working on several projects aimed at encouraging people to vote. While people do need what Kay Solomon calls “useful tools” (ie. clear instructions, functional technology) to engage, they also need to feel good about participating.

Her work looks at the question of: “How can we meet voters where they are and talk to them not through the lens of guilt and shame, but possibility?”

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Amira Rose Davis interviews Victoria Jackson, Burn It All Down Podcast

September 6, 2022

In this episode, Amira Rose Davis interviews Victoria Jackson, sports historian and Clinical Assistant Professor of History in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies at Arizona State University. They discuss the struggle for power in the NIL system, the college football money machine, the mental health crisis in higher education and how the overturning of Roe vs. Wade will impact collegiate athletes.

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On Sept. 13 at 5 p.m. PT, AVNP will be hosting the Engaged Athlete All-Star Meeting, a virtual event aimed at inspiring student-athletes to rethink their civic engagement through the lens of leadership.

“Being an ‘Engaged Athlete’ does not mean you have to single-handedly save the world; in fact, it is quite the opposite,” Beskind said. “We want to show that anyone, regardless of their sport, gender, seniority, political ideology, or any other label, can make a difference in their corner of the world.”

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By: David L. Nevins, The Fulcrum

September 2, 2022

There has been a long history of athletes using their power to create more inclusive, just and sustainable civic futures in our nation. Perhaps the most influential was Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player in Major League Baseball, who used his stature to advance civil rights throughout his career.

And now it’s not just players but leagues that continue the tradition.

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By: David L. Nevins, The Fulcrum

August 18, 2022

"Not only will the NBA not play on Election Day but over the next few months NBA teams will provide information on their state's voting process and voter registration deadlines in order to help fans make a plan to vote."

"The WNBA and NBA aren’t alone as more and more athletes are using their collective voice to strengthen our democracy. All Vote No Play is a movement to help student athletes become great teammates and citizens, and to show them how they can exercise their own power to create the future they want."

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By: Victor Mather, New York Times

August 16, 2022

"The National Basketball Association said Tuesday that it would not schedule any games on Election Day, Nov. 8, in an effort to encourage fans, players and officials to vote.

All 30 teams will play the night before the election as part of what the league is calling a “civic engagement night.""

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By: Lisa Kay Solomon & Stanford Athletics

August 12, 2022

Lisa Kay Solomon interviews professional volleyball player and member of the Athletes Unlimited leadership equity committee, Cassidy Lichtman, on their decision to play in Dallas, Texas after the state had passed some new legislation antithetical to Athletes Unlimited’s values and priorities.

Instead of boycotting, the team transformed the Dallas arena into a welcoming voter registration hub with, they created vibrant murals that celebrated civic rights heroes and activists, they sold LGBTQIA+ books and merchandise in their shop, and raised money for causes the athletes cared about.

“Instead of showing up in protest, we decided to create a celebration of our values and everything the league stands for...We amplified the Power of our Voice.”

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A Student Voting Take On College Athletic Conference Realignment

By: Ryan Drysdale, Brand Contributor, Civic Nation

July 20, 2022

"What if athletic conferences prioritized positioning themselves to have the highest average voter turnout and voter registration rates instead of the largest media markets?”

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Lisa Kay Solomon interviews Sports Historian Victoria Jackson on the history and future of Title IX, published in The Fulcrum - June 23, 2022

"I think it’s super important to remember that Title IX – the legislation itself – was not originally about sports. Fundamentally it’s legislation focused on civil rights – providing equal access to educational opportunities – which also include equal opportunity to play school sports....

You need to know the people that came before you who did the work to get to the place where it is now. And that we’re still working hard to get to where we need to go. Women’s equal participation in sports is not something any of us can take for granted." - Victoria Jackson, Sports Historian, ASU

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It's Game Time for Civic Engagement

By: Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, Ph.D., Executive Director, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Civic Nation

Stephanie King, Director, Strategic Initiatives, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Civic Nation

December, 2021

Athletics directors are working tirelessly to meet student-athletes where they are in terms of helping them meaningfully contribute to their communities and giving them the ability to cast an informed ballot in all elections.

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Stanford Civic Pride

By: David Kiefer, Stanford Athletics

November 2, 2021

Learn how Stanford student athletes are flexing their civic leadership and civic pride.

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Lisa Kay Solomon

October 11, 2021

Ted Lasso's rapid ascent and positive infusion into our cultural zeitgeist solidified something I already knew: That coaches are an often unsung force for good, and we ought to be doing more to recognize their unique power and influence in positively shaping lives...

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Students around the country are getting ready for #AllVoteNoPlay Day!

Get inspired by the voices of college athletes across the country who are preparing to make November 2nd a day ON for civic engagement.

Citizen University

October 26, 2021

Three strategies that student athletes can use to ensure Election Day is a day for civics and citizenship with #AllVoteNoPlay.

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On Monday, Stanford University Athletics officials announced participation plans for the upcoming Nov. 2 day of civic engagement. Cardinal athletic programs are aiming for full participation in the #AllVoteNoPlay Day...

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Pac12 Voting PSA

Students from across the Pac12 network are voicing their values through this powerful message on why voting and civic engagement matters.

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