These are the top 3 activities teams and athletes all across the country are doing on their day "off" from practice and play on Election Day. What is your team doing? Let us know @allvotenoplay

Print this and put it up in your locker room, share on your social media, and follow the steps yourself. Voting season has begun - don't sit on the sidelines!

Are you a student athlete that wants to help your team become more involved in civics? Use this step by step guide to see how you can get coach and team commitment, learn about your power as a student athlete, and make a plan to vote. Send this guide to other student athletes and coaches to engage their team as well!

Compliance officers can use this guide to learn more about the 2020 civic engagement NCAA legislation, and the 2022 updates to the legislation. It also gives ideas for what teams can do to meet the required time off legislation and a page to track each team's compliance.

Activation Guide

Share this guide with administrators, coaches, or athletic directors to explain what All Vote No Play is to explain why it’s good for the program and school to get involved.

Use this one page document to share with athletes, coaches, and athletic directors in an email or a text to help them learn more about All Vote No Play and why it is important to involve their team in civic engagement.

How to Work with Athletics - Slide Deck

Interested in giving a presentation about All Vote No Play to your teams, coaches, or athletic departments? Check out these slides from a presentation at the Andrew Goodman Foundation Legacy Leadership Summit for inspiration. This presentation demystifies how to engage the Athletic Department in civic activities that support students and coaches!

Missed the All Star event? Want to rewatch or show your team? Click here to see all of the recordings, either broken up by speaker or watch the full recording!

Find the email template that best applies to you, and feel free to make it your own. The more people you reach out to personally, the more likely that this movement will grow and teams across the country will be civically engaged!

We understand it can be very difficult to understand who and what you are voting for in local elections. Click here to read Every Vote Counts easy-to-follow guide to “Demystifying Down-Ballot Elections.”