AllVoteNoPlay day is November 8th, 2022!

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The #AllVoteNoPlay nonpartisan guide of civic drills is focused athletes become great teammates who will grow into strong citizens. This playbook is for team leaders, coaches or athletes who want to help their teams exercise their power of voting and celebrate what it means to be a great citizen.

Join the growing roster of coaches and athletes who made #AllVoteNoPlay a day ON for civic engagement in over 30 states in 2021!

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Let’s get after it!

2022_AVNP_Students Website.mp4

AllVoteNoPlay 2021

"When we don't show up for this one, our teams lose, our communities lose, our country loses."

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Pac12 Packs the Polls

"I've got to use my voice and use my platform."

#AllVoteNoPlay Civic Drills

Quick Start

Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, this guide offers a range of civic drills that work for your team!

Check out our new set of VOTE civic drills with everything you need to GET IN THE GAME!

Expose athletes to ideas related to civic skills, behavior, & impact.
Create ways to understand power and influence positive change.
Provide meaningful opportunities to come together as a community.

This guide is a start, not an end. We want to hear from you!

Make some “civic” noise! Share your story and activities via social media #AllVoteNoPlay or send us your good work and we’ll promote it for you!