The NCAA-mandated #AllVoteNoPlay day of civic education and engagement on November 2, 2021 offers a historic moment for coaches to help their athletes become passionate leaders, engaged citizens, and community members.

In 2020, the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) voted unanimously to turn the first Tuesday in November to a day dedicated to civic engagement.

This Vote by Design nonpartisan guide provides coaches with a list of “civic drills” to help all athletes flex and grow their civic mindsets, behaviors, and habits. Designed by coaches and informed by research and a diverse coalition of civic partners, this guide aims to make it easy for all coaches – regardless of sport, geography, type of school, or position – to use this day “off” from playing as a day “on” for helping student athletes be more successful leaders and community builders.

The guide is organized into three primary categories of civic drills: Learn, Engage, and Gather. Get started below!

#AllVoteNoPlay Civic Drills Quick Start

Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, this guide offers a range of civic drills that work for your team!

Expose athletes to ideas related to civic skills, behavior, and impact.
Have 5-30 minutes? Watch one of these short videos on sports greats or civic foundations.

Have 30 minutes to 2 hours? Watch a documentary about a historic civic hero.

Have 2+ hours? Plan a field trip, either in person or virtually, to a local museum, monument, or historic site.
Create ways to understand power and influence positive change.
Have 5-30 minutes? Visit to see upcoming votes in your community.

Have 30 minutes to 2 hours? GO VOTE! Or get players involved with an issue they care about.

Have 2+ hours? Register as a team or in small groups to volunteer as poll workers in your neighborhood.
Provide meaningful opportunities to come together as a community.
Have 5-30 minutes? Players share about how they're supporting their communities and tag others to do the same.

Have 30 minutes to 2 hours? Have a Lunch and Learn at a family-owned restaurant to learn its history.

Have 2+ hours? Plan a Civic BBQ with other teams or campus groups.

This guide is a start, not an end. We want to hear from you!

Make some “civic” noise! Share your story and activities via social media #AllVoteNoPlay or send us your good work and we’ll promote it for you!